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Update for Windows TAS Payroll Solution Version 2018 2.0 (06/29/2018)


For information on how to create a New Payroll Year in the TAS Payroll Solution Click here


Click here to download TAS Payroll Solution Windows Update

Updated in this version:

  • Added Nebraska Form 941N
  • Added Pay Period End date
  • Add options to pay Holiday and Vacation time
  • Added export to CSV for timecard information

Updated Previously:

  • Updated Federal Form 941 for 2018
  • Updated Florida Form RT-6 for 2018
  • Added Overtime options to Company Options Screen
  • Updated Timecard entry screen
  • Updated 2018 Social Security tax rates
  • Federal Form 940 and Schedule A (Form 940) have been updated for the 2017 Credit Reduction Rates.
  • Added "Override Small Employer Rate" for Illinois Form UI 3/40
  • Added option to NOT round amount on Ohio Form JFS 20125
  • Eliminated the requirement for submitter information when creating data files to upload to California E-Services
  • Updated Illinois Form IL-941 for 2017
  • Corrections to Calculate from Net Pay
  • Updated Federal Form 941 for 2017
  • Updated Florida Form RT-6 for 2017
  • Added Data File Upload for California forms DE9 and DE9C
  • Correctons to form 944
  • Federal Form 940 and Schedule A (Form 940) have been updated for the 2016 Credit Reduction Rates.
  • Added MICR printing to print paychecks using blank check stock.
  • Added program manual accessable by pressing F1 from within the program.
  • Corrections to FUTA & SUTA Reports
  • Added options to limit amount of sick time hours an employee can have accrued at any given time
  • Added the ability to modify paycheck print positions
  • Added Earned Sick Time report
  • Updated the 'New Year' procedure to eliminate terminated employees.
  • The program now includes Earned Sick Time calculations as required in Connecticut, California, Massachusetts and Oregon as well as other local city and counties.

*Data file upload - will create a file which the user can upload directly to the state tax agency

This is an update to Version 2018 1.2 or lower - Use Help > About to determine your current version.

Downloading and installing the Windows TAS Payroll Solution update

IMPORTANT: Any client data previously entered will be unaffected by installing this update, but it is strongly recommended that you run the backup procedure found on the "File Menu" prior to installing or updating any software.

  1. Download the installation file by clicking the link below.
  2. Locate and execute the downloaded file by exploring your hard drive or using the Run option on the start menu (The file can be found where your web browser saved it).

To start the program, click on: Start/Programs/TAS Payroll Solution

Click here to download TAS Payroll Solution Windows Update

All products require Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10.

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