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ATF Payroll Reporter - $59.95 complete
An easy to use program for compiling payroll information from your clients and filing quarterly tax returns.



The ATF Payroll Reporter program will now create a Data File for Upload to the state's unemployment or wage reporting online web page, allowing for e-filing of quarterly reports at no additional cost (see below of list of states).

  • Prints forms 941, 941B, 944, 940 and Schedule A (Form 940).

  • Prints quarterly forms for California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Rhode Island.

  • Prints generic state reports for all other states.

  • Creates a DataFile for Upload for easy e-filing of quarterly reports directly to the State's Online Web page for  Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Rhode Island.

  • Calculates Social Security and Medicare taxes, state disability withholdings and employer liabilities.

  • Calculates a general ledger posting summary.

  • Handles an unlimited number of companies and employees.

  • All data transfers to the W2/1099 Filer.

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