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TAS Payroll Solution

Full featured payroll program with withholding calculations and check writing.

Calculate Payroll
Calculate from daily time cards, weekly hour totals, or salaried employees. Batch processing or single check calculations.

Print Paychecks
Prints paycheck with all YTD paystub information. Includes the option to print bank MICR information on blank check stock.

Federal Quarterly Tax Forms
Prints quarterly Form 941, 941B, 944, 940 and Schedule A (Form 940)

State Quarterly Tax Forms
Prints quarterly forms for California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Rhode Island. Prints generic state reports for all other states.

W-2 Forms
Prints year-end W-2 forms.

Sick Time Calculations
Calculates sick time hours accrued, used and carry forward to future years.

Electronic Filing
Creates a data file which you can use to e-file quarterly reports directly to the state's unemployment or wage reporting online web page, at no additional cost (States are limited, see below for list of states).

Free Updates
All programs and withholding tables are updated free of charge for one year from date of purchase.

Federal and State Withholding Tables
Comes complete with federal and state withholding tax tables. The user can also modify existing withholding tables or create new withholding tables.

Local Withholding Tables
Local withholding tables such as county, city, or school district tax withholdings can be created in the program.

Unlimited number of companies, employees and payroll years
The program can have an unlimited number of companies and employees and can be used for multiple payroll years.

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"Used for over 20 years. Very user friendly. Accurate" Robert, CO

"Thank your for a great program. Everything I need to prepare payroll for my small business clients." Steven, OR